Decide Which Lawn Mower Is Best For You

Anyone who has a lawn has a need for a lawn mower, and selecting the right mower that is best for your personal requirements will make the task of determining which one is best for you a lot easier. With the correct product, there could be no need for the dreaded grass trimmer, and the task at hand will become easier, cheaper and quicker. In determining which type of lawn mower is best for you, you can save money, and even provide some physical therapy.

Time to look for a suitable mower

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If your lawn is small, with lots of concrete, paving stones, field stones, ornamental gardens, ponds and waterfalls, vegetable and herb gardens, along with trees and shrubberies decorating your lawn, you may have only a few small patches of grass to mow. You cannot just leave the grass, as it will grow very tall, and with no care weeds, other trouble plants and grubs will start to rear their ugly heads.

In this case, a grass trimmer could be used, but keeping the grass from being over-cut can be tricky at best. A push lawn mower, available for about $50 USD, is perfect for small patches of grass or really small lawns, under 300 square feet. First make sure that you are able to use one, as you do have to push the mower, with no aid.

For medium-sized lawns, about 300 to 1200 square feet, electric and gas-powered lawn mowers are likely best for your requirements. The bigger the lawn, the better lawn mower will be required. For the smaller of the medium-sized lawns, electric mowers, and cheap gas mowers ($200 USD and under) will get the job done well enough. You may, however, need a grass trimmer for the finer touches where the grass circles trees, gardens and pavement, ornamental or interlocking stones and the edge of the house.

For yards over 1200 square feet, especially multi-level lawns, riding mowers are most definitely the way to go. If you can afford them as a "toy", then riding mowers can be used for almost any sized lawns. Again, the bigger the lawn is, the bigger and more expensive the riding mower should be. Using a small riding mower on a 45,000 square foot lawn may kill the mower rather quickly, as the engine would be well over-worked.

Between your financial situation, the size of your lawn, your physical ability and whether or not you plan on staying where you are for more than a couple of years, you should use common sense in determining which type of lawn mower is best for you. For the carbon emission concerned, electric mowers can be used for any sized lawn, provided that you have a long enough extension cord. But the time and physical exertion required to do a huge lawn with a push mower could be a day or three. And the wear and tear on your body could be extensive. Read more at:

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In conclusion

Never mow your lawn in temperatures of over 28° Celsius, even riding mowers, especially if you live in a high-altitude area. Clear your entire lawn of rocks, fallen branches and twigs, toys and dog leashes before starting your mowing. And, if you do have a riding mower, for fun you can paint it like your favorite NASCAR driver's car, and keep it polished, clean and shiny. And always remember, never drink alcohol and mow on a riding mower, as it is considered a motorized vehicle, and the same charges as driving drunk in a car can be levied if you drive along a road, the road's shoulder, or even get caught simply crossing the road by an attentive police officer in the right place at the wrong time.